Business Allies: The Northwest Business Alliance.

A Human Rights Network That Aligns The For Profit & Non-profit Community.

Business Allies is a business to social cause matching enterprise developed by the Northwest Business Alliance; a non-profit organization established in 2004. Businesses that have a community conscious and desire to promote their services while simultaneously assisting worthwhile nonprofits and morally-grounded social causes can help build a legacy for the future. Collective community goals for public safety and caring for all persons does ultimately make a substantial difference to all regional stakeholders. The for profit enterprise assisting the non-profit community improvement ventures can improve the areas residents well-being and over-all long-term profitability of all regional stakeholders. For profits can even participate for no cost, just as a means to demonstrate their care for all local community members, and learning about all matters that effect the local population including their loyal or new patrons.



Reciprocity Based Social Medial and Internet Marketing Campaigns

Summary Benefits to Participants: Complementary For-profit and Nonprofit Social Media Marketing & Search Engine Ranking Benefits.


In order to receive complementary social media marketing and Search Engine boosting or placement listings a for-profit business needs to pair with a nonprofit charity or social cause.

Once a business registers for free and pairs with a nonprofit charity then when a Business Allies, #C2C movement or any affiliated social media marketer, influencer or search engine marketing consultant mentions that charity in an online post, creation of a nonprofit, charity or social cause social media account or profile that business will often be referenced, sponsored members who have their own social media account, directory listing in Business Allies or existing social media account will be included as a link(s) and/or #hashtags or account owner handles  that will multiple exponentially in the expanding network of  repeatedly posted business and social cause campaigns. 

This listing will be reposted and retweeted via the established social media marketing team and/or social media influencers. These are both local and nationwide focused campaigns including additionally target regional events, news cycles and solution-focused social causes as they occur.

Social media marketing events are also triggered by related events in the new, when new members join Business Allies and at random. Once pairing post are in the social media catalog of news articles & posts that can be repeatedly posted/tweeted in an ever expanding network of social media accounts &  expanding media networks.


Profit to Nonprofit Northwest Business Alliance. Seattle & Spokane Washington, Sandpoint, Coeur d'alene, Kootenai County Human Rights Projects for Elder Justice,  Family Rights and Community Safety; Advocate Platforms Researching Guardianship, Conservatorship Abuse and related Probate Court Corruption.  Data aggregation sources and leads: regional newspapers, VP Taskforce, AltrueSoft Tech Platforms, Citizen to Citizen Reporting, Citizen’s Bureau of InvestigationNorthwest Journal NewsGrassroots Elder Advocate Organizations, state & national GAO research monitoring & grant projects. Key search terms: § 18-1505, § 39-5302, Adult Protective Services, Dept. of Health, Elder Abuse and Exploitation. Aggregated & direct interviews via Citizen research and complaints focused on corruption, professional cronyism among state licensed service providers such as Estate Planning Attorneys, Doctors, Physicians, Clinicians & coordinated medical/neurocognitive/capacity evaluations, Conservator, Court Visitor, LSW, Guardian, Guardianship, Trustee, Management Services, IRPC, Idaho State Bar, CMS, Hospital, Facility ManagementSECFINRACode of Federal Regulations,Tax Fraud, Wealth Management Services, Certified Financial Forensics & CPA Investigation manuals, Uniform Code and many more industry compliance guidelines . Supported by research from over site sources, Bureau of Occupational Licenses and all State Statutes relevant to Negligence, Exploitation & Abuse including Probate Court monitoring, Senate Hearing on “Toxic Conservatorships“, recent federal legislation, Acts of Congress, Elder Justice ActElder Abuse Guide For Law Enforcement (EAGLE), American Bar Association & American Psychologists Association Resources on & Elder Abuse & Vulnerable Person Legislation.

Courtesy of Citizen’s Public Safety Network & Citizen’s Bureau of Investigation Community Safety Projects | Spokane; Washington, Sandpoint & Coeur d’alene; Kootenai County, Idaho Elder Abuse Advocates & Grassroots Networks.