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NCLER: Elder Abuse: The Impact of Undue Influence


“Psychologist Margaret Singer was one of the first researchers to connect elder abuse to undue influence,
which she defined as “(w)hen people use their role and power to exploit the trust, dependency, and fear of
others. They use this power to deceptively gain control over the decision making of the second person.”

The psychological tactics of undue influence have been likened to tactics used by cults, ….”

Who commits undue influence
The psychological definition of undue influence implies that the influencer is someone the older adult knows and with whom the older adult already has a relationship of trust or who intentionally develops and then takes advantage of a relationship of trust with the older adult.

Leading Experts in Accessing Undue Influence in Elder Abuse Litigation Matters.

» The Bernatz SCAM Model,


» Bennett Blum, Undue influence-Behavioral Models,


Why County Law Enforcement, Courts & Prosecutors Can’t/Won’t Keep the Communities Elderly Safe.

Elder exploiters often run in packs of professionals which can included; estate planning attorneys, guardians, conservators, primary care physicians, neurocognitive psychologists, LSW court visitors, Guardian ad litems, accountants, real estate agents, bankers, and financial managers. Individually and as a group they intimidate frail and memory-compromised seniors in concerted efforts to force them to capitulate to their demands. All emboldened knowing that law enforcement, prosecutors and compromised probate courts will not enforce the states elder protection statutes. In the case of state licensed Guardian; April Parks she ran her exploitation & elder trafficking schemes with the assistance of attorneys, judges & police.

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“Defendants APRIL PARKS, MARK SIMMONS, and GARY NEAL TAYLOR, did on or between December 21, 2011 and July 6, 2016, then and there, within Clark County, Nevada, knowingly, willfully and feloniously, while employed by or associated with an enterprise, conduct or participate either directly or indirectly, in racketeering activity through the affairs of said enterprise, and/or in the affairs of the enterprise through racketeering activity, did engage in said acts, to wit: by Defendants working for A Private Professional Guardian, LLC using their position to steal funds belonging to elderly and disabled persons over whom they had guardianship authority, through the use of a series of fraudulent billing practices, said activity constituting Racketeering contrary to NRS 207.400 (1)(c)(2).

KTNV 13 Las Vegas: The guardian is guilty: April Parks, others plead guilty in guardianship abuse case

The Guardians

THE GUARDIANS is set in Las Vegas, within the Nevada Guardianship and Family Court systems involving the legal kidnapping of elderly people in a lucrative business that drains seniors’ life-savings and robs them of their freedoms.

Victims and their families are caught in a scheme that has allowed corrupt court-appointed guardians to take total control over their healthcare and financial decisions. Armed with court-orders obtained under dubious circumstances, guardians are able to forcibly remove elderly wards from their homes, isolate them from their families and systematically empty their bank accounts.

In an unfolding saga that reaches to the top level of government, a growing number of Las Vegas victims come together to seek justice, restitution and freedom.  Through their fight, the film exposes the scope of the systemic abuse of some of the most vulnerable members of our society.

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Data aggregation sources and leads: regional newspapers, VP TaskforceAltrueSoft Tech Platforms, Citizen to Citizen ReportingNorthwest Journal News, Grassroots Elder Advocate Organizations, State & national GAO research monitoring & grant projects. Key search terms: § 18-1505, § 39-5302, Adult Protective Services, Dept. of Health, Elder Abuse and Exploitation. Aggregated & direct interviews via Citizen research and complaints focused on corruption, professional cronyism among state licensed service providers such as Estate Planning Attorneys, Doctors, Clinicians & Psychologist Evaluation, Conservator, Court Visitor, LSW, Guardian, Guardianship, Trustee, Management Services, IRPC, Idaho State Bar, CMS, Hospital, Facility Management SEC, FINRA, Code of Federal Regulations, Tax Fraud, Wealth Management Services, Certified Financial Forensics & CPA Investigation manuals, Uniform Code and many more industry compliance guidelines . Supported by research from over site sources, Bureau of Occupational Licenses and all State Statutes relevant to Negligence, Exploitation & Abuse.

Courtesy of Citizen’s Public Safety Network & Citizen’s Bureau of Investigation Community Safety Projects | Spokane; Washington, Sandpoint & Coeur d’alene; Kootenai County, Idaho Elder Abuse Advocates & Grassroots Networks.